Soy el futuro de mi pasado, el pasado de mi futuro, la viva esencia de mi presente...

viernes, 18 de septiembre de 2009


She was staring at my window with her green eyes, while the piano music flood the house, she was curious about who was inside. I thought she might be interested about the picture on the wall; it is a kitten staring at the window just like her. It is my favorite that’s why I put it in my bedroom.
That day is grabbed in my memory, I don’t know why it’s just when I invited her to play in the snow, actually we had a great time, she doesn’t talk a lot just things that are really necessary but that afternoon she had a big smile in her face while we play together, we made snow angels and threw snow balls each other and I ran trying to catch her and she ran and suddenly we were laying down together in the snow… We were the only people in the street, her eyes captured my mind, and her hair looked just so beautiful, I stared at her and her cheeks began to blush, she look so cute, her sweet smile told me to stay with her like that for the rest of my life, but it was really cold outside.
When we came inside the house, I made some hot chocolate, and we sat at the fireplace. We just talk, drink and enjoy the evening, when it was dinnertime I invited her and she accepted with her sweet smile in her eyes. It was too late to walk outside when we finished, so she asked me if she could stay the night in my house, I told her that there wasn’t any problem, and if she wanted she can sleep in my bedroom.

I didn't finish it... I'm tired I just wanted to put something new in my blog.