Soy el futuro de mi pasado, el pasado de mi futuro, la viva esencia de mi presente...

lunes, 18 de octubre de 2010

It's all your fault!

It is all your Fault!

Though you'll never come back
I promised my self not to hate you.
But our story is not nice for memories to be tell.
Though I'll never forget what happened.

My feelings for you vanished sometime ago.
You never care about me, Why would you?
Stare at my past, you ruined it all. Remember?
After you kissed me one late night.

Used to see your face wherever I went,
then I stopped believing I was okay.
It's all my fault, I let you come in
and I let your mistakes affect my life.

Why should I keep missing your lips?
If you left without saying goodbye.
You changed the way your life was running by.
And I really hate you for all the things you did.

What I was supposed to say?
When I saw you the other day...
My eyes were telling the truth,
I would never lie to you.

You made me hate you
It is all your fault and
after all these years, you
just caused pain and hate.